How to optimise your decision-making process?
What tools to use to focus your team’s collective intelligence?
How to support your team members’ individual and collective development?
How flexible you should be to help your team members integrate ongoing change?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Become a more effective manager
  • Build team cohesion
  • Review priorities during periods of change
  • Improve your negotiation and communication skills
  • Manage the emotional dimension of your team.
The training programme:

Developing your managerial model

  • The Pluri Consultants management model.

Guiding your team to consistently high levels of performance

  • Assertive management.
  • Focusing individual and collective action.
  • Becoming a manager-coach.
  • Building team cohesion.

Developing your situational skills

  • A fresh approach to solving conflicts.
  • System-friendly decision-making.

Developing your impact and influence

  • Enhancing your persuasive powers when negotiating.
  • Building your relationship network.
  • Developing your communication skills.

Integrating the emotional dimension of management

  • Managing individual emotions.
  • Managing collective emotions.
The participants will:

Excel in their as manager, using operational guidelines, tools and methods.
Develop their team’s maturity.
Allow synergies to surface and develop.
Get better results by efficiently analyzing the stakes and issues.
Improve their negotiating and communication skills.
Take account of emotions in their management actions.

The main benefits for the company

Achieve the expected outcomes, thanks to effective management practices.

Proactive change management.

Foster synergy between teams.

Strategically aligned managers and teams.

2 days

Experienced managers

Pre-requisites : Good basic management skills or prior completion of ‘Management Essentials’