This course will enable you to be more effective, positive and competent in the workplace, by learning to be firm but fair with your colleagues. It will help you make a plan for realistic change and enable you to realise the benefits of assertive behaviour. You will learn to say no effectively, give and receive criticism and recognize, deal with fear and have a constructive impact on other people.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Build effective relationship networks, meaning grater impact on objectives.
Influence colleagues positively and effectively.
Develop a collaborative attitude towards colleagues.

The training programme

Understanding Assertiveness

  • Understand what assertiveness really means
  • Explore the traits of assertiveness and other behaviours
  • Steady the passive / aggressive pendulum
  • Realise and overcome the fears that hold you back
  • Learn to respond to others rather than simply react
  • Increase your  awareness of relevant brain functions, and how they relate to aggression / submission
  • Know your workplace rights
  • Learn to say ‘No!’, rather than ‘No problem!’

Applying Assertiveness

  • The assertiveness toolkit: six different levels to tackle any situation
  • Learn how to listen actively, and why listening skills are so important
  • Develop your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Appreciate the motivations of other people
  • Work through various scenarios, giving you the opportunity to put your new assertiveness skills into practice, in a supportive environment.
Main benefits for the participants:

A renewed confidence, and techniques to stand up for yourself in any situation.
The ability to calm aggression or overcome passivity.
The respect of your colleagues as you start saying what you really mean, even in difficult situations.
A toolkit of methods to cope in different situations.
Better listening skills.
Improved communication skills.
A checklist to guide your behaviour in practice.

The main benefits for the company

Better interpersonal relationships will result in a  more productive team.
Assertiveness means tasks can be delegated and managed more efficiently.
The ability to say no means better time management, supporting improved performance.
A more assertive, effective team who can get their point across clearly in any situation.

2 days
Functional managers
Project managers