In a business environment characterized by intense competition for high quality employees, innovative and creative candidate sourcing techniques are a critical component of the recruitment process.

Pluri Consultants Candidates Attraction Solutions employs a number of atypical candidate sourcing techniques to provide our client partners with the best employees in the market.

We have proven success in combining traditional methods of candidate attraction with non-traditional methods to access the most diverse possible candidate pool.

We have extensive experience in attracting the best candidate, whether it is for one placement or large scale projects.

Our extensive experience, combined with our commitment to thorough and up-to-date market research means that Pluri Consultants Candidates Attraction Solutions can design unique candidate sourcing strategies to meet the specific objectives and varying recruitment situations of our clients.

Our consultants are trained in the development of recruitment strategies and candidate sourcing techniques, and have access to the assistance of dedicated IT, marketing, psychology and organizational consulting specialists.

If you are seeking to promote multiple vacancies or higher-level appointments, then we would recommend our Campaign Site solution, which functions as a mini-site on website.

There are many benefits when using this solution:

  • It gives you a much broader platform to sell your organization’s benefits
  • You can expand considerably on the job type, person specification and sell the benefits of the job and your organization in much greater detail
  • This solution elevates the overall recruitment proposition and attracts a higher quality of interest from qualified and experienced candidates.
  • With our web development team, this solution can be live and productive within one week
  • Via your individualized web address, traffic is driven exclusively to your corporate profile, thus ensuring extra exclusivity of applicants

The Pluri Consultants Multipost is a unique product that provides a fast, cost effective way of efficiently accessing a wide internet audience and pinpointing the right candidates for you.

The Pluri Consultants Multipost has many benefits:

  • Jobs can be live online within 24-48 hours, and remain online for 29 days being available 24-7 for jobseekers to search and apply to
  • Our team handles all the administration from one central point, including uploading the jobs in the specific format required by each job site
  • One of our Consultants assists you in choosing the most appropriate sites for each campaign
  • One of the key benefits of the Pluri Consultants Multipost is its ability to yield precise data on the performance of the campaign. The data provided includes:
  • The number of times an online post has been viewed
  • The total number of applications and their originating source
  • Which job boards provide the quality and quantity of applicants best fitted to your open position
  • Clear statistics on the return on your investment with cost per applicant

Pluri Consultants Testing Suite is a leading computerized skills evaluation system, which provides a package of skills validation exercises that can save you time by eliminating unnecessary interviewing. Using this solution you will meet only those candidates who can actually demonstrate the practical skills required for increases the likelihood of recruiting from the first tranche of interviews.

The benefits

  • Only technically proficient candidates will actually be invited in for interview, reducing the amount of time spent meeting poorly qualified candidates
  • Reduces recruitment costs
  • Speeds up recruitment process through elimination of insufficiently skilled candidates
  • Efficient – can combine different skill sets into one test
  • Results available immediately
  • Allows for interview to be based on test results

The central role of interviewing in most selection processes demands that the interviewer is skilled to collect the most relevant and valid behavioral examples from candidates to compare against success criteria for the role.

Much of what organizations want to measure is expressed in behavioral terms through a competency framework. Business Simulations provide opportunities for people to demonstrate those behaviors.

We use the following types of simulations either drawn from our extensive library or designed specifically to meet client requirements:

  • Business Interaction Simulations
  • Written Business Simulations
  • Competency Based Interviews