Ensuring that an organisation has access to the best person possible for the job is the central philosophy behind Pluri Consultants’ executive search practice. Its job is both finding them, and then being able to identify what it is that makes them the leaders in their field, and the best placed to succeed.

More than just advertising and networking, our job is to map out labour markets, and systematically to identify all individuals in target companies, within an industry, or in related industries who could potentially succeed in the role.

Through the use of a variety of assessment tools, our skill lies in working with clients to understand the merits and concerns of each potential candidate, until detailed and objective conclusions can be reached.

The more objective the information we can provide our clients, on how and where we have searched, who we have spoken to, and why specific candidates should be considered, the clearer their decision-making process becomes.

The better the information we provide, the better we can mitigate the risks associated with the hiring decision.


Banking & finance >>

In an increasingly global, dynamic and uncertain financial environment there will always be a demand for superior talent.

Across the financial services sector, merging organisations create multifunctional enterprises that demand highly skilled executives. Our partners, consultants and researchers work across sectors and functional practices to identify exceptional candidates from a global talent pool to meet this demand.

Moreover, financial services companies are increasing their reliance on electronic data processing, fuelling a need for executives who understand both finance and information technology.

Our expertise and understanding of local market dynamics comes from working over many years with businesses in:

  • Asset and wealth management
  • Consumer financial services
  • Infrastructure and property
  • Insurance
  • Retail banking
  • Stock-broking
  • Wholesale Banking

Our understanding of your key requirements will ensure we can attract exceptional talent to your business.

Energy & utilities >>

Pluri Consultants has assisted many companies and organisations in this sector in dealing with change within their organisations. Often this entails looking beyond traditional sources for key executive talent.

The complexities of change in geopolitics, privatisation, energy trading, renewable energy, carbon emissions, co-generation, liquefaction, gasification create challenges for industry players and skilled, experienced executive recruiters alike.

This is where our superior abilities in using psychometric assessment as a tool to complement our executive search expertise has proven of great benefit, providing invaluable insights into the potential ability of individuals bringing their skills and experiences into the sector.

At a critical transition period, we are now at the forefront in identifying and engaging the interest of high-calibre candidates able to operate in the era of fast technological change, adjusted customer focus and capital market oversight in which energy and utility organisations now operate.

Government >>

Government organisations face unique challenges in attracting leaders to their distinctly different operating environment. But such executive-level government professionals are in high demand.

Leaders in this environment must work towards striking a fine balance between serving constituents through effective policy and guidelines, and aligning their teams and stakeholders to achieve their goals. And of course, in any government setting, senior leaders need to be aware of cultural challenges and the influence of political, legal, social and economic factors in their roles.

Pluri Consultants’ consultants have proven expertise in sourcing candidates for executive appointments in governmental sector. We have richly developed networks and an established track record in identifying this unique sector’s leaders, which makes us ideally placed to partner with them in developing and in planning the major steps in their careers.

Health/medical >>

Leadership is vital to today’s healthcare companies, many of which are in a state of transformation as providers to evolve to meet changes in consumer behaviours, government regulation and global healthcare needs with new business models. Care must also be managed more efficiently for providers to remain competitive.

Pluri Consultants has proven expertise in delivering the right talent to healthcare product and service businesses, whatever their form: large- and mid-cap companies or private equity-backed organisations.

Our candidates possess the skills that today’s diversified healthcare companies need in order to compete across:

  • Health services
  • Industry associations
  • Medical technology, devices and diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Industry associations

Industrial & electronic >>

Globalisation, merger and acquisition activity, evolving legislative and regulatory frameworks and scarcity in labour supply are all among the pressures on local players in this sector. Senior management’s response must be as sophisticated as the challenges, which mean that strategy and detail now go hand in hand, fiscal discipline is mandatory and excellence in operational delivery is the price of entry.

Against such a background, best practice in research and talent identification requires equivalent expertise. Pluri Consultants is the company to provide it.

Our Partners and Associates work with client organisations as trusted advisors to translate their business strategies and challenges into an appropriate search and selection blueprint. Our selection services are supported by in-depth executive assessment and high-quality remuneration advice which align the incoming executive with the business strategy.

Our Partners and Associates recruit quality executives in the following areas:

  • Airlines,
  • Industrial and infrastructure services
  • Building and construction materials
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Distribution and services industries
  • Paper and packaging
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Semiconductor

IT >>

As the information, communications and technology industry continues to mature and consolidate, the world’s largest technology organisations seek acquisitions as the means to meet further growth aspirations and penetrate new markets. Such continuous change presents the unique challenges that must be faced by industry leaders.

Pluri Consultants has an exceptional understanding of the leadership traits that will bring success in such an environment and works with organisations to help define cultures and leadership behaviours that encourage both entrepreneurial thinking, and the development of robust, sustainable business strategies.

Our consultants work within the followings fields:

  • Communications
  • Professional and IT service
  • Software and engineering technologies
  • Systems and electronics

Professional services >>

Professional services firms are built on quality, trust, reputation and the sophistication of their practices. Continuous evolution in this environment makes professionals who can balance technical expertise with an ability to lead in a professional service culture highly valuable.

Our core business lies in identifying and gaining access to such sophisticated individuals. We differentiate ourselves through our unique understanding of the needs and requirements of such senior level executives working for boutique firms and multinationals alike, in legal, financial and architectural sectors.

Our consultants have held down careers in these sectors and leadership and coaching positions with management consulting firms. Practical experience provides them with extensive networks that have been developed over many years.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Legal consulting
  • Accounting, auditing and tax
  • Architectural and design practices

Property & construction >>

The emergence of the economic powerhouses of China and India, the insatiable demands for talent in Dubai, and the challenges evolving from the sub-prime crisis, rising fuel prices and interest rates all are having an effect on the global war for talent within property and construction.

Opportunities are always present during times of uncertainty, and Pluri Consultants is in a prime position to help such organisations seize them by identifying and securing the very best talent. Our unique methodologies, our partners, consultants and researchers can help develop strategic people strengths across all key sub-domains of this sector in:

  • Property development
  • Commercial construction
  • Civil construction
  • Residential construction
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Asset and facility management
  • Sales and marketing