Behaviour, managerial practices, process etc., whatever the topic or area over which we are playing our part, our assignments are based on 3 goals:

  • To get the company moving: this means the entire company from the management committee down to those on the ground, anyone needs to learn how to learn.
  • To obtain visible results quickly: for employees it is the best way to drive change forward. For shareholders it is proof of return on investments.
  • Developing talents and energies: over and beyond the first results we provide teams with new know-how to consolidate and extend their upskilling.

Our areas of intervention in terms of consultancy :

  • Developing directors, performance and the managerial system
  • Performance of the HR function: corporate synergy, human capital
  • Creation of client value and management of commercial performance
  • Developing a client culture among employees
  • Creating economic value
  • Focussing on cash and results
  • Industrial excellence
  • Project and innovation management

Best practice as near to the ground as possible

Some of our assignments :

  • Integration of knowledge-based management into the strategy and into operational organisation for a leading company in the energy sector
  • Rollout of project management, from building the “project toolbox” to disseminating good practice at regional level.
  • Working out a manual of commercial good practice for a major automobile company.
  • Assistance to the project owner to set up HR information systems.
  • Support in defining and implementing new HR methods sharing HR management between central HR departments and management.