What is Performance Management & Development?

Performance Management & Development is a widely used term, but the method of implementation differs significantly across all organizations. The diagram on the right summarizes Pluri Consultants perspective Performance Management & Development model. The model clearly defines where Performance Management and Development fits within an organization from a holistic point of view.

Why Invest in Performance Management and Development?

The most prominent reason for investing in Performance Management and Development within organizations is to articulate what it is that people need to do in their job to contribute to the organization’s delivery of its strategic plan. Research has also demonstrated that the key areas impacted by effective Performance Management and Development include:

  • Individual and team productivity
  • Quality of products delivered
  • Employee capability
  • Individual and team ability to continuously improve
  • Employee commitment
  • Team cohesion
  • More consistent achievement of business objectives
  • Satisfaction of customers/clients
  • Management and leadership capability/effectiveness
  • Succession planning capability

How can Pluri Consultants help?

Performance Management and Development interventions range from the actual design of a system for an organization, to the implementation of training to managers/supervisors who are responsible for managing and developing employees. We also have the capacity to implement online competency management systems to facilitate and document a Performance Management and Development process.