The success of your organization’s growth and sustainability depends on the ability to identify and develop suitable successors into key roles.

What is our Succession Planning Model?

Pluri Consultants views this challenge as more than just selecting individuals based on tenure. This is a multi-dimensional selection process addressing:

  • Current competence
  • Future capability
  • Job Ready fit
  • Career motivation

Our Point of View

Based on our approach, we define succession planning as the identification and the ongoing development of targeted employees who possess the motivation, competence, capability and fit to a role identified as supporting the business objectives.

Utilizing the experience and knowledge of 15 years consulting in Romania, Pluri Consultants has built, and has access to all relevant, valid and robust diagnostic tools and methodologies that captures motivation, competence, capability and fit.

Our holistic approach to Succession Planning ensures that the four key areas are measured in a valid, reliable and relevant way.

Using our methodology also enables organizations to create a talent map and assists in the more strategic management of employees. This will help to address issues such as retention, development, training and even redundancies. The application of a talent management system within your organization would also assist in attracting the right person for the right job.