Pluri Consultants provides uniquely focused, enterprise specific and conceptually sound approaches to employee surveying, supported by a team of commercial psychologists that seeks to continually understand the evolving nature of the challenges of the current and future business environment.

Organizations face myriad challenges to remain competitive. Key among current challenges are an acute shortage of executive talent, the increasing mobility of that talent, a declining confidence in leadership, cost management driving behavior, and a tendency to short-termism when the pressure is on.

Research consistently reveals those employers which outperform their competition to share common characteristics.

In their actions, the best employers:

  • Identify what engages people and aligns them to strategy
  • Harness their workforce’s power and passion
  • Focus on differentiating their organization’s culture
  • Provide clarity and direction through effective communication
  • Offer challenge and growth in day-to-day work
  • Increase the communication bandwidth between executive management and employees
  • Accelerate the development of best talent
  • Focus on a few lead practices to deliver a compelling employment experience
  • Demonstrate a clear focus and share this relentlessly
  • Relentlessly communicate the business’s strategy
  • Consider autonomy, challenge, experimentation to be mandatory

In building organizational culture, the best employers:

  • Focus relentlessly on performance, feedback and results
  • Provide a structured approach to performance management and remuneration
  • Work to ensure that people are connected to strategy
  • Believe that fundamental positive belief systems are the key in building a pervasive culture
  • Ensure their leaders lead people not balance sheets

Pluri Consultants works with organizations to understand their prevailing cultures and the people-management practices that can develop them.