Pluri Consultants is one of Romania’s leading human resource outsourcing, consulting and recruitment services firms.

Enjoy significant career development opportunities and reap the benefits of our smart and innovative solutions and our ongoing commitment to helping employees develop a genuine work/life balance.

 About us

Our longstanding leadership is based on well-established strengths.

We provide clients with the greatest depth, breadth, and experience of any human resources organization

People go farther when they all pull together. Pluri Consultants applies that simple truth to the business of people.

Our human resources consulting services and outsourcing help companies manage some of the most important issues they face today—issues that affect their performance and the lives of their employees.

We help companies attract, engage, develop and reward talent. We enable companies to reduce costs, focus on their core activities, and gain better results. We change the way businesses manage people, and we make those changes work.

We’re not resting on our oars. During our 15 years of experience we have added new products, like engagement surveys, HR outsourced administration or payroll services.

Now, Pluri Consultants is one of the few companies that integrates the full range of learning, coaching, training and development, assessment, recruiting and staffing, benefits, payroll, human resources information and other services with in-depth human resources consulting expertise.

So businesses can find the best—and broadest—solution from a single source, and keep pulling ahead.