Do you want more than a ‘job’?

Are you seeking a role that will enhance your career?

Are you seeking an employer that will make sure your skills and abilities are utilised and developed?






When you join us at Pluri Consultants, our goal is to provide you with the appropriate opportunities and challenges at each stage of your career with us. Your professional development options are designed to help you realize your full potential and prepare you for your next level of challenge in your career.


Are you seeking significant Career Development opportunities?

We are committed to ensuring the reputation of our employees in the marketplace as professionals through the provision of superior training and career development opportunities. We recognize how important continual growth is to employees and seek to ensure your career with Pluri Consultants remains fulfilling.


Career Diversification

Career progression may involve lateral moves across the different divisions as well as vertical movement. You may expand and diversify your work or expertise in your current position, seek project work, shift to a new division in a similar or a different role, or strive to enter the leadership stream.

Pluri Consultants offers you the vast resources of a large organization, coupled with the specialization and team-based focus that comes from working within a dedicated specialist brand.

Our Commitment

We strive to actively develop your career by:

  • Assisting you to build a Personal Development Plan
  • Ensuring you have a clear understanding of your role and the nature of the expectations of your key stakeholders
  • Providing feedback and recognition through regular performance and development discussions
  • Providing reward, recognition and incentive programmes designed to celebrate success
  • Coaching you in the behaviors that lead to success within our environment
  • Providing access to our dedicated Career Manager/ Career Coaching service

Career Coaching

  • The Pluri Consultants Career Coaching service can assist you to:
  • Understand and harness your skills, temperament and abilities
  • Identify and reach your long-term career objectives within Pluri Consultants by providing targeted career counseling/ coaching
  • Proactively manage your career within Pluri Consultants
  • Explore growth and advancement opportunities
  • Identify the new skills and perspectives you are likely to need to progress and be successful within Pluri Consultants
  • Clarify your career goals
  • Increase success in your current role
  • Access sufficient training to perform at your best