Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be Romania’s leading provider of fully integrated Human Resource Solutions.

Our values are our guiding principles – they permeate the way we conduct ourselves in the workplace every single day. What’s important about our values is that they are not qualities we aspire to achieve, they are qualities that we already have and that we passionately believe in.

At Pluri Consultants we’ve always been proud of our unique culture which is shaped by the many staff, organizations and events that have combined to make us the leading company that we are today.

The Development of our Values

To ensure that they truly reflect who we are and what we value above all else, all our staff was involved in the process of refining and articulating our core values:


In sharing and living our values with new team members and frequently revisiting them individually, we will maintain our focus, professionalism and dedication to ensuring that these values are upheld.

In “living” our values we are being true to our culture and this is what sets us apart:


We create training and development opportunities

We only recruit the highest quality people

We manage strong and well known brands






We aim to be inspiring and motivating

We broadcast and celebrate our successes

We encourage innovation





We always ensure the best fit for our candidates

We apply the science of recruitment

We challenge convention through our ideas and vision






We help employees manage their work/life balance

We provide career development and internal opportunities