What are the keys to effective management today?
What levers can managers use to adapt to different situations?
Acquire the basics of management and develop your managerial intelligence.

This course will take you away from the distractions of the work environment and provide you with the tools you need to maximise your effectiveness as a manager. The course combines technical insight and practical challenges, balancing discussion and learning in the classroom environment with additional opportunities to make the most of the setting. You’ll leave feeling empowered, refreshed, and ready to lead.
The training programme

Fundamentals of management

  • The purpose and responsibilities of management in achieving standards and targets
  • Distinguishing between leadership and management
  • The relationship between the task, the team and the individual
  • Situational leadership: adapting your approach

Team development

  • What makes a group of people into a team
  • Tuckman’s team development model and the link to leadership styles
  • Understand team roles and dynamics and approaches to managing conflict
  • Methods for encouraging continuous improvement
  • Practical team activities to embed the learning

Performance management

  • Motivating the individual to achieve optimum performance
  • Delegating for success – a winning structure that minimises risk
  • Using feedback and coaching to address poor performance and difficult situations
  • Dealing with challenging people

Personal development

  • Communicating with impact and clarity, to get the right results
  • Coaching techniques – develop a ‘pull’ style to gain buy-in and commitment
  • Self-management and personal effectiveness
  • The opportunity to rut together a personal development plan and the confidence to put it into practice
The main benefits for participants:

Practical skills and techniques to help you lead and motivate your team, and the confidence to manage people and situations; no matter how difficult.
Expert advice from the trainer and forum-based discussions with other managers.
Time to reflect on your own challenges, away from day-to-day pressures of work.
The ability to be more assertive, provide better feedback, and get your message across to your team with total clarity.
The skills to ensure that your work gets done; from delegation to time management.

The main benefits for the company

Coherent, consistent management that continually adapts to external and internal changes.
An additional lever to ensure that teams consistently deliver expected outcomes.
A management team with a consistent skills base.
Greater involvement and motivation in your people.

2 days
Newly-appointed or first-time managers

Managers with several years’ experience